Lawyers’ Assistance Program is a not-for-profit organization that helps Illinois lawyers, judges, law students, and their families with alcohol abuse, drug dependency, or mental health problems. This site highlights our educational services. This service allows users to review educational materials and gain Continuing Legal Education credits for free.

Our current programs approved for CLE credit are listed below.

  • Lawyers and Suicide: What We Can Do - Part 1 (1 Credit Hour)
  • Lawyers and Suicide: What We Can Do - Part 2 (1 Credit Hour)
  • Your Best Thinking in the Worst Situations: Improving Intuition to Manage Stress (1.5 Credit Hours)
  • The Happy Lawyer: The Path From Stress To Well-Being (1 Credit Hour)
  • Recognizing the Pressures of Law School: Identifying Students at Risk for Depression and What You Can Do to Help (1 Credit Hour)